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Adobe after effects cc 2019 is ultimate tool of Visual Effects, Motion graphics, animation and powerful composting software, which developed by Adobe systems. After effects was originally developed by COSA in 1993. Later Cosa developed after effects in collaboration with Aldus (1994-1995). In 1995 Adobe acquired license of after effects and they released their version 3.0 on October 1995. Adobe after effects cc 2019 is the latest version of the software which released on 10 December 2018. It is an essential tool for motion and visual graphics designer. Adobe after effects download and install your free trial today.

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What’s new in Adobe after effects cc 2019?

Adobe after effects cc mostly use for Key framing, tracking, compositing and animations, also you can edit audio and video with non linear video and it’s also has a media transcode. It is also used in the film and television production for creating motion graphics and visual effects. In after effects cc 2019 has lots of new features;

Update features of Adobe effect software:

Export apple ProRes on windows:  Apple prores (including ProRes 4444 and ProRes 422) new preset also available on widows 10 and MacOs.

Time-Responsive Design: Create motion designs that can adjust to changes in length while preserving the integrity of the key frames.

Faster and easier Expressions: New JavaScript expression engine supercharges animation workflows and processes expressions up to 6 times faster than before.

Advanced puppet tools: A new advanced and bend tool let you choose more precisely twist, bend, curve and scale animation.

New Native 3D depth passes: this tool generates a depth pass with after effects classic 3D or Cinema 4D renderer. Compositing objects in 3D space are faster than before.

Display color management: You can get accurate color and maintain your color fidelity across your workflow from after effects to premiere pro, also in different type of display.

Enhanced motion graphics template file exchange with premiere pro:  Now you can access, modify, or change TSV or CSV spreadsheet data in premiere pro cc to find editable files in motion graphics template.

Mocha AE plug-in for After Effects: you can get accurate, precision and fast planar tracking with the GPU-accelerated Mocha AE plug-in.

Enhanced Performance and GPU optimizations: New enhanced GPU and performance-optimizing effects adds Fill, Curves, Exposure, Noise, Set Matte, and Color Balance. Wave Warp effect is now multi-threaded and its renders 2–3x faster by using multiple CPU cores.

Learn panel: If you are after effects beginner, you are going to find this feature so much convenient. New learn panel introduce you to timeline and control with built in tutorials.

And so much more:  After effects cc 2019 also includes new easier ways to find GPU accelerated effects, quickly enable or disable expressions and quickly install scripts

Pricing of After Effects CC

You can purchase Adobe after effects cc 2019 as a single app or as part of Adobe creative cloud software package for individual or for small businesses or team. You can also download and free trial after effects cc 2019.

Single app (for individual): Monthly $29.99, annually $239.99.
Single app (for team):  Monthly $29.99, annually $359.88. You can install on up to 10 computers.

System requirements (minimum)

  • Multiple cores with 2.0 GHz processor
  • Windows 7 or newer (32bit or 64 bit)
  • Ram minimum 2GB
  • Free Hard-disk space 4GB
  • Display 1024X768 with 16-bit color
  • Graphics 512 MB minimum
  • OpenGL 2.0 supported system.
  • Multiple Intel cores with 2.0 GHz processor
  • MacOS 10.12 or higher
  • Ram minimum 2GB
  • Free Hard-disk space 4GB
  • Display 1024X768 with 16-bit color
  • Graphics 512 MB minimum
  • OpenGL 2.0 supported system.
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