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10 Tips For Writing a SEO Friendly Article

SEO Friendly Article

SEO Friendly Article

A SEO friendly article means that an article or content have all kinds of SEO friendly quality for better rank position in search engines. Writing an article is one kind of art. If you want your website to attract more visitors, to get more clicks, share and like you must need to write SEO friendly article. If someone don’t find your page your written content  becomes useless and becomes unnecessary for you.

At first Here are need you read about:

How to Write a SEO Friendly Article

Now here are discuss how  can you  write a SEO friendly article:

Content researching

If you want to write an article with SEO friendly at first you must need content researching. Without proper content researching you can not write proper SEO friendly articles.

Keyword research

When you keyword researching at first you need to what audience ask online and looking for, then target your keyword then search in google and see that what kinds of article currently ranking position with keyword.

Length of article

Length of article is one of the most important things when you are writing  a SEO friendly article. If you  write a article, the word of article should be a minimum of 300 to 500 words. Long posting rattle has a great opportunity to better rank position in search. 

Add an image

Add in image is a very necessary thing to get a better SEO score when you write. Adding  proper image to get attraction to readers .it helps to reader better understanding about your content.

Using SEO friendly URLs

Using SEO friendly URLs has a significance to get a better score in rank position. Your URLs should be free from unnecessary words and trying  to use hyphens to separate word. Your URLS should be simple and relevant.

Meta description

Meta description a one kind of  summary of your content. Google shows Meta description under your URLs. It should be well  decorated and well informative so that reader can interested and encourage to read your article. The  meta description length should between 150-160 characters.

Internal link

Internal link is another important part for SEO friendly writing. You can add link your past post to your new post. If you add an Internal link the reader can spend more time on your website.

Outgoing link

Outgoing link is a very useful part for SEO friendly writing. If you add an Outgoing link your content value increases very much. Your website ranking position becomes higher by adding an Outgoing link.

H1, H2, H3 Headings

Adding h1, h2, h3 headings, it should be must eye catching. When you write a long post, it is a very effective way to write with add h1, h2, h3 headings. It helps readers to read your content.

Bottom line

In the end we can say that the importance of writing SEO friendly article is too much. It increase your website value and helps to better ranking position.

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