7 Best SMS Marketing Free Software Tools for Business Promotion

Best SMS Marketing Free Software Tools

Text messaging is to be a SMS marketing free software tools despite, the many platforms for marketing that exist todays. Make no mistake in thinking, also, that SMS marketing tools are only for huge enterprises. Small businesses can get the most of such devices as well. In this article, let’s talk about the 7 best marketing SMS free software tools for small businesses.

Before I proceed, do take note that some of these tools run on Android, and I know how it is sometimes more convenient to have them on your computer. If you want to run Android apps on your PC, then you need emulators. Bluestacks download is available on several sites, or you can also try other Bluestacks alternatives.

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Best SMS Marketing Free Software Tools Lists

1. Express Text

express text sms marketing tools

Express Text software tools is ideal for small businesses like restaurants, salons, retailers, and even NGOs, or politician. This tool allows you to 2-way messaging, contact management, scheduled messaging, mass texting, analytics/reporting, mobile keywords, and short-codes. If you want to test the waters first, go for the free trial. The pricing, however, starts at $49.00 per month, per user. This tool could run on iOS, Android, and Windows. If you need help, they have training in person, live online training, or you can watch webinars and read documents. They have 24/7 live representative support that you can easily reach.

2. eSputnik

eSputnik free tools

eSputnik is another free text message marketing tools for a small business. It has a web-based Marketing Automation Service that allows the managing of messages across many platforms. With it, you get advanced eCommerce projects, including dynamic content changing that relies on stock availability, browsing history, geo, or feed. You can queue messages by priority based on your previous pattern of messaging, and you can also control message frequency. Get the free version to test or pay around $1.99 as a one-time payment. There are documents for training and a 24/7 live representative and online support.

3. ShoutOUT

ShoutOUT serves over 400 brands across ten nations and has over 4000 users. With its all-in Customer Communication Platform, you can stay in touch with your customers through automated, personalized, and targeted SMS and Emails. You can even integrate it into WhatsApp Business API & Facebook Messenger.

shoutout free tools for marketing

With ShoutOUT, you get 2-Way Messaging, Contact Management, Mass Texting, Message Personalization, and many other features. You can try it for free, but its price would start at $10.00 per year, per user. You also get a 24/7 live rep and online support.

4. Flexy SMS

Flexy sms marketing tools

Flexy SMS offers SMS marketing, SMS advertising, SMS marketing business solution, SMS contests, SMS surveys, mobile advertising, mobile marketing, 2way communication, and mojsms API integration. It is also free to try, and its price would start at $155.00 per month per user. You can use it on Android, but it also has a web-based system. There are various training like in person, live online, and webinars — besides, there is an online and business hour customer services apart from a 24/7 live rep.

5. RumbleUp

RumbleUp works best if you opt to engage customers and clients. It has 2-way conversations through text messaging and a reported read rate of 98%! Utterly are user-friendly, not to mention offering scalable peer-to-peer (P2P) text messaging.

rumbleup marketing

This tool also offers Contact Management, MMS, Message Personalization, Polls/Voting, Reporting/Analytics, and even Text-to-Win. There are a free version and a premium of about $50.00 per month. Use it on your iOS and Android. RumbleUp has live online training, webinars, and documents. YOu also get business hours and online customer service.

6. TxtSync

TstSync allows you to send personalized bulk SMS. You can track the delivery and engagement. You can also incorporate SMS capabilities into existing products or business workflows. There is no monthly subscription for TxtSync. Instead, you pay for the messages you send.

txtsync free tools marketing

With this tool, you get customer training in person and webinars on top of documents. There’s customer service online, during business hours, and a 24/7 live rep.

7. SendSMS

SendSMS has international sms marketing services, and it’s its edge against other SMS marketing software. You can send text messages, even in massive numbers, globally. Any business can avail of its service.

send sms marketing tools

SendSMS marketing tools has a free trial and a $0.01 one-time payment. However, there is no training offered, while customer service would be business hours and online. SMS marketing software tools will be beneficial if you are creating awareness about your business, offering new services, or reinforcing your already existing clients. It is fast and engaging, as well. Do try it and let me know how it works for you. Leave a message in the box below.

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