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Freshdesk: Pricing & Features

Freshdesk Pricing & Features

In today’s world, managing customers is a big task as customer demand patterns have changed. To meet customer needs, businesses must evolve to stay alive in the competition. Freshdesk is a customer support software that business establishments can use to give full customer satisfaction. It is an omnichannel, artificial intelligence-driven solution for customers that streamlines all customer conversations in one place. The Freshdesk pricing options are also within the range of common man.

Features of Freshdesk

●     Ticketing

Users can categorize, assign and prioritize tickets so that there is no chance of losing track of them. The procedure followed is:

●     Collaboration

This feature of the software allows customer issues to be resolved as a team. You can achieve the same through the following steps:

●     Multichannel

You can unify and manage support-related communications from a single platform with these steps:

●     Automation

Users can utilize the software’s built-in capabilities in handling repetitive tasks. The steps followed in achieving the same include:

●     Self Service

The helpdesk of the software lets customers have the first-hand experience with a knowledge base. Some of the steps followed are:

●     Reporting

The software allows you to identify problems, chalk out a plan that is based on metrics, and which would enhance the helpdesk performance. Some of the steps followed are:

●     Customization

You can customize the company workflow, portal, and agent roles to personalize your helpdesk. Some of the steps in this feature are:

●     Security

The software provides enterprise-grade security with a comprehensive audit of networks, systems and regulatory compliances to protect the products. Some of the features offered under this include:

Pricing of Freshdesk

There are 5 pricing plans available for Freshdesk. They are:

Parting Words

With such a wide range of features, one can engage with customers via chat support or through websites by responding to a ticket raised. There are two types of automation that one can perform in the software, which are time-triggered and event-triggered automation. You can link the forum topic to the ticket raised, provide feedback mechanism, etc. Users can gauge how customers feel about the support rendered using customer satisfaction reports. You can create customer URLs to provide a seamless customer experience. With Freshdesk, one must be able to analyze the customer demands properly in order to provide a comprehensive solution.

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