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Eufloria is an unwinding, theoretical procedure diversion set in a universe where weird plant lifeforms fight, unobtrusively, for matchless quality. This IGF Finalist diversion has turned into somewhat less dynamic since its initial discharge as Dyson, yet it’s as yet an entrancingly addictive ordeal

DETAILS of Eufloria

You control seedlings and the space rocks they have colonized, and the point of the amusement is to colonize each space rock in every zone. Each level has a bunch of space rocks, in 2D, which you can look around a zoom into. Your seedlings fly around the space rocks, and you can arrange them to colonize new ones, on the off chance that they are inside a specific separation from home. Ten seedlings can make a Dyson tree, which will make new seedlings. There are contending provinces of seedlings, and it’s important to crush them all to beat the diversion.

Awesome Features

Eufloria’s controls are uncomplicated, utilizing left and right snap with the mouse wheel to zoom all through the screen. On the space rocks you can pick whether to develop protective trees or ‘Dyson’ trees that make more seedlings. It’s important to get the adjust ideal, as forceful seedling states will assault you occasionally, yet you’ll likewise require a prepared supply of seedlings to grow your range of prominence. Distinctive space rocks will develop seedlings with contrasting qualities, so you can pick where to focus on developing them, as it can have any kind of effect in a fight. 

Eufloria’s illustrations are negligible, present day and cool – they would make great backdrop – and the diversion all in all has an exceptionally dynamic feel to it. The music is a wash of warm vibe, and the sound of the movement on the space rocks travels every which way as you zoom in to watch them. The impact is exceptionally sleep inducing, in spite of the fact that it does in some cases turn into somewhat distraught. 

Eufloria is reminiscent a greater amount of an intelligent fine art than a diversion; contrasted with most technique amusements it is amazingly basic. Nonetheless, the impact of the visuals and the tenderly sounds make it enjoyably immersive, and you before long get drawn into the strange world.

How to install

1. Free download Eufloria

2. Install.

 3.  Crack Eufloria HD. (See Tutorial Video below if you don’t know)

 4.  Play game.

 5.  Have fun ^^.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 

Processor: 1GHz 

Memory: 512 MB RAM 

Designs: 128MB 3D Graphics Card with OpenGL bolster 

Hard Drive: 400 MB accessible space

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