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Ghostzilla Browser

Ghostzilla Browser

Intruduction Ghostzilla Browser:

 Ghostzilla is a Web browser like Firefox, but it displays  and disappears  discreetly, blended with our application — any application — so the Web pages look like part of it and not like the Web at all. 

What would we use it for:

Why To Use Ghostzilla Browser:

Ghostzilla was an free source web browser for Microsoft Windows based on the Gecko HTML renderer utilized by Mozilla. 
It operates  the browser inside the window space of another application for example in Microsoft Outlook, . From May 2004 until January 2005, the project was deleted from the website, due to a copyright claim from Mozilla. 
It later returned with  source code, but with warnings about the potential for misuse.
As of February 2007, the site has been suspended and is no longer available.

Features In This Program:

* The Ghostzilla window disappears when the mouse cursor is runed away from it, permitting the user to very easily conceal it.
* The user can fix the preferences to fix security hiding levels. For example: He can display no images until hovered 
over by the mouse they stand out, thus making it more easily recognized as the Web, or show plain grey text on a white background.

How to install This:

Windows only free source program Ghostzilla is a parasitic browser built on Firefox able of embedding itself inside any program on our Windows desktop for inconspicuous browsing.

Ghostzilla works we run it, and Ghostzilla embeds itself in a frame of the current active window. For example, in the screenshot above  got it embedded in a program never start Outlook Express. Okay, that’s cool, But it gets better from there.Ghostzilla prepares our browsing as inconspicuous as possible.

Requirements For This Program:

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