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How To The Free Folder Password Lock Create

Free Folder Protected

Password Lock Create Overview:

Free Folder password Lock Create is only logical that users wish to protect their individual and personal details from prying eyes. its is a basic and easy encryption toolkit which pays an additional level of protection and security. Free Folder Password Lock has data encryption software which render to lock and hide folders and files including Text, Photos, Videos, Documents, Archive files, audio files to avoid modify, delete and rename. It has three encryption types: 1. Fast Encryption Without Hidden, 2.Fast Encryption and Hidden, 3. Portable Encryption (You have to select this mode if you need to password protect files from the portable devices such as SD Memory Card, External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive and Pen Drive. To protect your privacy, you can also different folder as Recycle, Printer, Network Dialing and Network Neighborhood.

Details of Password Lock Create:

Free Folder password Lock Create A User-Friendly Edge,Free Folder Password lock is a faithful solution for those who might not have a good or well deal of technical experience. All options are clearly showed and the encryption process can be activated with the click option of a button. It has also probability to view other explanation such as the number of encrypted files as well as the previous option taken by the user

Features in Password Lock Create:

How to Install :


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