Google is the most searched thing on Bing

Most Searched Google on Bing

Most Searched Google on Bing: Google says that the most used search term in the Microsoft bing search engine.

The lawsuit was filed in court, but google filed a lawsuit against the European Union for a 4.3bn (bn5bn) fine abuse of market power.

Eu accuses google of using google to make android the default search engine.

But Google says the service is the most popular

A general search shows that google’s share market is consistent with the consumer survey which shows that 95% of users prefer to complete with google in search engine.

Google boss Sundar Pichai blogged that  Android “has created more choice for everyone, not less”.

But then EU competition commissioner Margrethe vestige said that google had android manufactories already installed its search app and chrome web browser and paid for it only to create a pre-install app, meaning that 1% of people download different search app.

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