UK Petrol shortage: App Waze uses push notifications to track fuel stocks

App Waze

Traffic app Waze UK tells users which petrol station has enough fuel. App users use push notifications to help keep their editors informed.

This data is then plugged into the app live map to open a station for others to see.
Similar measures have been criticized as fueling panic shopping and exacerbating the problem

In recent days, many local Facebook groups and apps such as NextDor have been flooded, advising users on which petrol station has the fuel
Google’s affiliate Waz says the feature of displaying fuel reserves is not new.
Fuel supply disruption fears bumper traffic at petrol stations, says Wage UK manager Ru Robert
In some areas, the speed has dropped to 3 km / h (1.9mph) as drivers rush to fill their cars.

The government maintains there is no national fuel shortage – and any regional issues are fuelled by extreme demand.
The Waze app is often used to crowd force live traffic data so it can tell the user about sudden road closures and traffic jams
Its internal data has been seen in some areas such as Liverpool, Luton, and manchester, the driving distance has actually increased in a few days, in some parts people are searching for petrol.

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