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PhotoJacker Alternative similar Software

PhotoJacker Introduction :

PhotoJacker previously recogni as FacePad is a easy Firefox add-on that lets us download Facebook photo albums in bulk.

One of the nice things about the social network is sharing photos. It’s not hard to save any of these to our hard drive, but with a large album it can be time consuming.

With PhotoJacker we can download whole albums from Facebook with a right-click. This Firefox add-on is fully disappearable  for an addition to the right-click menu when we click on a Facebook photo-album link. When we click that PhotoJacker link, all the images inside the album are downloaded to our default images folder.

The process to use PhotoJacker is pretty simple, but we can’t select the download folder, which is bothering. We may find us want to move the pictures as soon as they have downloaded to our preferred destination. scarecity of options is the major flaw of PhotoJacker, which is a good idea, but needs more polish to feel well integrated into our Firefox and Facebook worlds.

PhotoJacker certainly prepares saving large Facebook albums quicker, but it’s not as user friendly as it should be.

Details By PhotoJacker

 To show in someone else’s photo without their permission, often pulling a   offensive pose. Best done in a dark club where  can’t necessarily be marked until the photo is viewed, by which time a  escape has  been prepared. To jump in front of a camera as someone is clicking a picture of someone thing else. Works especially good on tourists in foreign cities. 

PhotoJacker’s Extraordinary Features

How to install PhotoJacker

1.Log in to Facebook with an account that has administrative control over our page.

2. Start our page and click   Edit Page in the Admin Panel to open a drop-down panel.

3. Then  Click Update Info to open our Settings page.

4. Click Apps in the page’s sidebar to open our app list.

5. Then Click “View Page” to open your page with the newly installed Photos app.

6. Then Click View Page to open our page with the newly installed Photos app.

PhotoJacker Requirements

For You:

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