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QuickFox Notes

QuickFox Notes

Why Downloads QuickFox Notes

If we use the internet for research  wouldn’t it be useful to be able to take notes in our browser while we’re doing it With the Firefox extension QuickFox Notes, we’ll have a notes function added to fox, where we can quickly leave any text or links we choose for later.

After installation, we have to right click the toolbar of quickfox, go to Customize and then drag the QuickFox Notes icon wherever we require on the toolbar. Click the icon and a small note window pops up, which we can write in. By default the auto save is set on, note we take will be stored in the our Firefox Bookmarks list.

The developer recommends  QuickFox Notes is utilized in conjunction with syncing apps like Xmarks. If we do this, we won’t ever lose our notes, as they’ll be updated along with our bookmarks wherever we have Xmarks installed. This is a clean way of exploiting that expansion, and should make QuickFox Notes pretty essential.

Quickfox appears to be missing the option for naming our saved notes at first glance, but if we right click on a note tab, you can rename it..

DEtails Of QuickFox Notes

Most of us live in the browser; and if it’s Firefox then QuickFox is a must-install extension for those who ever loved  own  feature and do a lot of note-taking while browsing. we wrote glowingly about it previously and since then I have never  it off my must-have extensions list. But QuickFox is browser based and in case we require to  it from any other computer, it shows a problem. Not much because we can synchronize our notes using an online XMarks account and entry it from anywhere. QuickFox also seamlessly works with the SimpleNote app. There is a third way and it involves the interplay of QuickFox, Google Docs, and a very useful script. 

Awesome Features Of QuickFox Notes

 How to install

Firstly Here is a close-up look at the Toolbar Button & Status Bar Icon. A Look Around QuickFox Notes

If we open QuickFox Notes as a separate window this is how it will show.

Or if we choose to have QuickFox Notes open in a tab this is what we will see. Notice that there is a Mini Tab Bar within the Firefox Tab… As soon as you open QuickFox Notes for the first time we will notice a brand new folder added to your Bookmarks. Every link within the new folder represents a separate note… There are no options available in the Add-ons Manager Window. QuickFox Notes in Action

For our example we decided to copy some very useful information from one of the articles here at the website… As we can see our new notes have turned out nicely after having the text enlarged along with some other personalization. If we want to rename our notes that is extremely easy to do…simply right click on the tab to open the Rename Note Popup. Once we have entered the desired name just click outside the Rename Note Popup to finish the process.

Then Install its.


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