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 In computers, to reload is to open a program again, generally because it has crashed or because it has started to show deviation behavior. Programs sometimes start to behave awkwardly in use, May be because of a programming problem with other software. A common cause for some programs, for example word processors, to misbehave is because users carelessly hit keystrokes that introduce an undesired action. When the program is closed and  settings usually revert to default values and the problem is solved. However, sometimes the problems are caused by entities outside the program, in which case the programming adage “If all else fails, reboot” applies. Reload is also sometimes used to mean reinstall. Using a Web browser, to reload (or refresh) is to download browser content such as a Web page or other file  showed Reloading browser content assures that the most currently updated information will be shown.

 Details of Reload every

Call this method to reload all the data that is utilized to construct the table, regarding cells, section headers and footers,  and so on. For efficiency, the table view shows only those rows that are visible. It adds offsets if the table shrinks as a result of the reload. The table view’s propose or data source calls this method when it requires the table view to reload its data. It should not be called in the methods that insert or delete rows, specifically within an animation block implemented with calls . 


Reload can invite a Terminal command after processing changes. Operate a Rake/Cake task, a Shell script or anything else we require.Acknowledgements Reload has been motivated by X Refresh, an old Firebug plugin prepared by at Binary Age. Their Total Finder product is good, and we might find Fire Query and other free tools useful too.



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