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SketchUp 2014 Download Free Latest Version for Windows

Sketchup 2016 free

SketchUp 2014 download is free and it is one of the most popular 3D modeling and graphic designing software which help you to design 3D models. It’s popular software in the architectural design community. It has a complete tutorial that helps you to learn how to use all of the tools. It’s a fully functioning free 3D modeling program for personal use. It’s has Pro package where you can found more features and tools of SketchUp. When you install SketchUp you will get automatically 8 hours Sketchup pro trial and you can use all of the features of SketchUp Pro.

Overview of SketchUp 2014

SketchUp is easy to use and simple 3D modeling tools which was updated in 2014 by Trimle with more plugins and extensions. SketchUp has a lot’s of tools which are create more useable and comfortable 3D design. When you use it, you discover that it looks like photoshop interface.You can use SketchUp 2014 freeware version without limitations, but if you want most attracted and more professional design you have to use “Pro” version.

New features of SketchUp 2014:

  1. High-quality 3D content.
  2. Improve Vector Rendering.
  3. Faster shadows.
  4. New Arc Tools.
  5. 3D Warehouse.
  6. 2D models.
  7. Improved Vector Rendering.

SketchUp 2014 download and installation :

Click on the “Download “ button and get download link and the sketchup 2014 download takes few moments. After downloading complete, just double click on the download file. You can get Run program in your download file, select and run it. Once you get the software installed, click on the icon in the Start menu to start the SketchUp 2014 application.

Pros and Cons of SketchUp 2014 :

Pros :

Cons :

System Requirements:

OS – Windows and mac

Processor core-i


Graphics Card supported

Hard disk 512 GB

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