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Most Popular Social Media Sites List in 2019

Social media sites list is here available for social bookmarking. In 2019 the most popular social media sites we are represent in Softgudam. This is a fantastic way to get more traffic to your site. And normal user it’s use for their publicity in the whole world freely. It’s absolutely free and effective way to build a strong network and website backlink for your site and branding your products. As a result you will increase your business by using the social media sites. And popular adobe software download or sale is very useful things in the world by using social media.

Why is important of Bookmarking in Social media sites ?

Social Bookmarking is a part of off-page SEO that does can create a best Quality and strong backlinks for your site. Social Bookmarking is a part of White hat SEO. People use Social Media for information and if you share your experience with others they benefited from you. Than you can share your blog links with your targeted audience and find more traffic.


Are You looking to increase your site traffic by Social Bookmarking? Yeah ! Don’t upset for this things.I’m share with you my personal experience to increase your site by bookmarking in social media sites.

Today I’m share with you best social media sites in 2019 and I’m working with them.So,here you go:

1. Pinterest :

Pinterest is a social media marketing site founded by Ben Silbermann ,Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp in 2010. It is a website that helps you find and organize pictures ideas. And interesting things through a series of user created categories of boards and a series of bookmarks. They call pins can include photos,videos,drawings,animations,internet links and more. There are tons of different topics of boards on Pinterest. So you’re sure to find something that your niches of you and you can pin this topic and build your links.

2. Facebook :

Facebook is a most popular social media in the world founded by  Mark Zuckerberg . Billions of people using facebook everyday.There are a lot’s of opportunities to get more traffic and Branding your products. You can find your targeted customers on facebook.

3.Reddit :

Reddit is a U.S.A online social media marketing founded in 2005.Reddit has huge unique users who share their content every moment. Posts created in reddit with categories are called as Sbureddits.There a huge opportunities to get targeted audience and backlinks.

4. Folkd :

Folkd is a mega social bookmarking site where a user can share their favorite post or link with friends and followers.It’s a High quality DA ( domain authority ) score. It’s a best way to get more traffic and create a strong backlinks.

5.Digg :

Disgg is a social bookmarking site where people can vote a content up and down those called Digging and Burying.There are many feature to share your content and if your content get fist page of digg you can generate quality traffic to your site.It’s a best way for branding and generate quality full traffic.

6.Tumblr :

Tumblr is a social bookmarking networking founded by David Karp. It’s a well-known social media specially for bloggers. It’s a best way to find strong backlinks. There are no limitation to share your post,you can share anytime and anything . There are many new features,you can share Photo,text,link,events.

7. plurk:

Plurk is a most powerful social bookmark network where you can share your personal content and blog links to get more traffic. There are a huge opportunities to get strong backlinks that’s can help you to get targeted traffic and build branding.You can use it’s for Bookmarking I personally use it.

8. dribble :

Dribble is a Bookmarking site who specially for Web Design,Graphics Design,Architects,Photography . It’s a largest market where a designers can share their works,portfolio and personal experience. You can easily marketing your band and get more traffic for your site. It’s better for design niche.

9. DZone:

Dzone is a technologies community where you can share your won content and generate more traffic for your own site.This site discuss about  specially for web developers. Here you can find latest tips,PDF,Tutorials,Guide,Tools about web development. Here you can share your personal experience and get easily strong  backlinks.

10. Fark : basically a news  categories community site  where people share various news content or link submitted by members of Fark community.If your content submit than  Fark Community members can write a custom heading for your story. And you can find easily backlink from here.

Here we share more Social media sites  list with high DA ( Domain Authority ):

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