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3 Professional Paraphrasers For Writing Blogs

Professional Paraphrasers For Writing

Professional Paraphrasers For Writing

Content writing is a hectic job when you need to write about the same product or topic again and again. It becomes very hard for content writers to restructure the same content every day.
For example, you are tasked with writing a blog on digital locks! You will try to write it at its best for the first time. But if you are given that task, again and again, you may run out of ideas.
Especially in blog writing, it is difficult to alter the structure of content every time you write on a similar topic because writers usually have a limited word bank. Blog writing is different from academic or creative writing; it requires a lot of research and takes time.
Hence, to write unique content repeatedly on homogenous topics, writers can take assistance from a professional paraphrasing tool. It changes the entire structure of content by replacing words with their most suitable and contemporary synonyms.
In this article, we will discuss some of the best professional paraphrasing tools you can use for writing blogs, but prior to that, we will give you a brief overview of paraphrasing and its purpose.

What is Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is known as taking ideas from others’ content or your previous blogs and writing them in a new way instead of copying. It involves altering the words with synonyms, rearranging sentences, and changing paragraph positions. The ultimate purpose of paraphrasing is to achieve uniqueness and avoid plagiarism.
Recommended 3 Professional Paraphrasers
Professional paraphrasers are not only used to remove plagiarism from a blog, but they also enhance the engagement and readability of content. We have tested many paraphrasing tools and come up with these 3 suggested tools for blog writing.

Starting with the efficient features, this tool has four writing modes; Standard, Fluency, Creative & Smarter. However, this tool is powered by AI and can detect the tone of content automatically. If you want to change the tone of content forcefully, these modes can be used.
It allows you to paraphrase the content in multiple languages. You do not have to use a translator separately for this purpose. For now, it can paraphrase blogs in 21 different languages.
If we talk about input options, you can paste the text to paraphrase in the input box. Moreover, an option of uploading files directly from your device is also available.
It allows you to paraphrase up to 600 words in a single go. However, there is no rephrasing limit on this tool. The paraphrased content can be exported easily, either by downloading it in a word document or by copying it to the clipboard. is another professional paraphrasing tool for making content unique and engaging. It allows pasting the text for rephrasing in the input field as well as uploading it directly from your computer or mobile.
It supports 21 different languages to paraphrase any content. It allows one to provide the content in a different language and get the output in another. Hence, it also works as a paraphrase translator.
Three contrasting paraphrasing modes are given in this tool to change the tone of content accordingly. Although in standard mode, it retains the same tone of content as the original.
In the free version, allows you to paraphrase up to 500 words in one attempt. However, you can use it limitlessly. A word counter is there to indicate you have exceeded the word count limit.
You can also summarize and check for plagiarism in the rephrased content. The rephrased text can be copied and downloaded freely.

Among 95+ tools of different niches, there is a professional paraphraser available at It is very efficient and fast, plus it provides accurate, ready-to-use SEO-optimized paraphrased content.

This paraphrasing tool has four writing modes: simple, fluency, creative, and advanced. The simple mode does not change the tone of content, while the advanced mode changes the tone after analyzing the content with the help of AI.

Where the creative mode is used to rephrase scripts and stories. It also supports multiple languages; you can paraphrase content to and from 18 different languages.

It also has a very handy feature; “exclude words.” You can enter the words that you do not want to alter in that field. The AI will not replace these words with synonyms.

You can provide the text either by uploading a file from your computer or by pasting it directly into the input field. But here is a twist: you can also attach a word/txt/pdf file containing text from your Google Drive to this tool.


Professional paraphrasing tools not only remove plagiarism but also increase readability and engagement. Moreover, it makes the content SEO optimized. Try these 3 paraphrasing tools for your blogs and do let us know about your experience in the comment section.

Thanks for your time!

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