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Operating system

We use a lot of  electronic devices for our different purposes. Do you ever think your device has an operating system which can conduct the performance of a digital device? Before discussing it, first we should know what is the best operating system? an os, one kind of software , that  can support and manage all the programs and applications which are used on the computer .Computer and other computer like devices  such as smartphone, laptop, tablet, compulsory needed it. Without it those devices can not work and run.

Functions of os:

  1. Device management and control
  2. File management
  3. Booting
  4. Memory management
  5.  Data security
  6. User interface
  7. Processor management

Advantage of operating system

  1. Sharing of resources.
  2. Multitasking
  3. Easily use 
  4. Security.

Disadvantage of operating system

  1. Complications.
  2. Attacking of virus.
  3. Expensive
  4. System failure.

Os types :

There is some common operating system types  that is used in different purpose 

1. Batch operating system execution 

Batch operating system execution
Batch operating system execution

In Batches execution programme is done. Os is a multitasking system of a computer. It ensures faster processing speed for the programme. Many users can share the batch system. It can manage large  workloads.

2.Time-sharing operating system 

Time-sharing operating system
Time-sharing operating system

Time-sharing os  is also known as a multitasking system of a computer. It designed for permission each task a set of time to resolution for a sleek outflow .During task performance it provides quick response. It reduces the possibility of software duplication and idle time of the processor.

3. Distributed operating system

Distributed operating system
Distributed operating system

Distributed os type, which is a group of interconnected computer resources  communicating and  sharing many multiple computing devices .It provides service to multiple applications and multiple users in real time.It has  cooperative memory management system and remote access system for data and information connectivity on hardware devices.

4. Network operating system 

 Network operating system
Network operating system

Network os which is used to control and manage resources of computer networks. It enables users to access and share files and devices. It servers provide high stability. It is really simple to upgrade and integrate new technologies 

Os examples  list 

Here are some operating system examples  list ,which are given below.

1. Microsoft windows

Microsoft windows
Microsoft windows

Microsoft Windows is one of the best operating systems in computer.It is very popular in the tech market for its user interface and navigation..It has customization facility and increases gaming experiences.there is another facility which  name is  windows hello, by this  user can secure his personal computer from someone.He can use fingerprint or face detection for unlocking computer.It also provides  offers users quick view facility to keep track on recent activities in the timeline.

2. Google android os

 Google android os
Google android os

Google Android  is another most common version of the os in the world . It is mostly used in tablets and smartphones. It fully supported by google and they regularly release new updates and features for better  user experience.

3. IOS


IOS is also an os which is manufactured by apple. It is used in smartphones and tablets. It has strong security facility for users.Apple every year announces the new version of os.

4. macOS


macOS is a leading  os for Apple desktop and laptop. Performance of this os is excellent. It vhas dark mode feature which is good for your eyes and also keeps brightness low .By using this you can not worry too much because It has a strong secure system .It provide security update. It is so fast and ideal for multitasking.

5. Linux


Linux is another popular and open source os. It is not under any particular firm or organization .It is created by finnish programmer Linus Torvalds. It is used by different kinds of  organizations, office, supercomputer, mobile and so on. It is very flexibility to use.

Bottom line:

In the end we can say that the importance of os in using digital devices is too much. By reading this article I hope you can get a good idea of which os will be best for your use. Thanks for reading and sharing this article.

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