Top 6 Free Website Monitoring Tools

Website monitoring means one kinds of testing process, By this testing process health check of your one or more  website monitor  performance  is done. It ensure on performance, security, aviltity, So it is very important to using website monitoring tools.

Importance website monitoring

  1. Cyber security protection

2. Restrain loss or revenue

3. Maintain website stability

4. Quick load time.

5. Keep customer happy.

In this article ,you will find  write some best website monitoring tools, for use your site.You can use those tools free or charge.

List of best website monitoring tools and software.

1. Pingdom


Pingdom is the best for page speed and peofomane monitoring tools and software..It is widely used in the world.By this you can do  uptime monitoring,realtime monitoring,Sms and email notification are available in this.

2. Uptime robot

Uptime robot
Uptime robot

Uptime robot is the best  free website monitoring service ..It need only 5 minutes to checked your website. It has enterprise level solutions. There is 2 month log  with the free plan ..Advance .SMS and email notification are available in this.

3. Sematext


Sematext is a cloud based monitoring package .It is all in one log   management.It provides real time alerts and debugging solution..It supports all kinds of major frameworks.

4. is a full suite user friendly  website monitoring tools .It uses real time of data .You can use real user monitoring in single form. There is mobile application system in this monitoring tools. Sms and email notification are available in this.

5. Uptrends


Uptrends  cloud based on real user monitoring  add one .It has multistep transaction can easily customizable it. Sms and email notification are available in this when your site going down.

6. Hostracker


Hostracker is most unique feature website monitoring tools. It  has 60 global locations server to check your site .They have servers in 60 global locations for you to check your site from. It is really flexible to use.

How to find the best website monitoring service ?

1. Price

2. Real user monitoring and synthetic 

3, Montoring url frequency

4. Locations testing

5. Multiple browser supporting

6. Alert capability


In the end we can say that website monitoring tolls demand is totally depends your needs. ensures and determine the strengths and weakness of your site. By reading this article you will now able to improve your site. Thanks for reading and share this article.

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