Role of Technology in Digital Marketing

Role of Digital Marketing

To begin with, let’s get to know what exactly does the term Digital Marketing mean. Digital Marketing is said to be the type of marketing that primarily makes use of the internet and technological devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and computers as well as other digital platforms for the promotion of various products and services. It makes use of various combinations of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media sites, Gaming platforms etc.If you are interested to know about different softwares available online, we highly suggest you TechyHost. We might also give a quick glance as to its history. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson became the first person to send the first-ever email, thus leading other people down the generation to send and receive files and documents through various machines. The term Digital Marketing was first coined in 1990.

Role of Digital Marketing

Now, coming to the main topic of the discussion. Technology in the field of Digital Marketing helps in better interaction with customers, engaging them in talking through a one on one conversation via social media sites, and providing customers with a personalized experience through various devices. The primary and basic role of Technology involves giving marketers a better hold over their customer’s preferences, behavior, and purchase trends and to formulate an effective and reliable marketing strategy based on this information/intelligence. Marketing success depends on a number of things, which Technology has made accessible to us, such as the use of social media sites help us to learn and engage in better conversations with the customers, ultimately leading to the satisfaction of the customers, the use of Cloud Computing, etc. The use of various software is considered as an important building block, rather than a component, in the use of marketing strategies. New technologies help marketers to engage in a more efficient way with the customers. According to me, Technology isn’t just a part of marketing, Technology in itself is marketing.

As we talk of Technology, we must not neglect its various components. Artificial Intelligence is one of them. Artificial Intelligence assists companies gain more insight into their customers by providing them various search engines, chatbots, etc. Thus, this is beneficial for both the Companies as well as the customers. Virtual Reality can be viewed as another component of Technology. A prominent example of the use of Virtual Reality in marketing can be seen in its vivid use by the Audi brand, which offers its users to drive an Audi car in a giant VR box, which gives the customer a sense of realism while driving the car. With the help of technology, it becomes even easier to obtain the most minute detail of data, which helps in knowing the customers more closely. Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of various electronic devices and other objects that permit smoother data transfer, thus avoiding the trouble of real-time interaction/connection. Thus, the greater number of connected devices allows the marketer to reach out to us.

According to a report, 24% of 5700 marketers had agreed that social media had played a vital role in marketing in the last five years. The use of Voice searches has been prevalent in marketing as well. Statistics show that around one-third of 4 million searches on Google are voice searches. Thus, its use by marketers can be useful for business in the long run. Marketers basically make use of the SEO method for better results. Their roles involve predicting what their customers might say rather than type while using the voice search feature. Chatbots have been around us for quite some time now. It basically blends the use of a variety of texts, voice, and text to interact with the customers. According to various surveys and reports, Chatbot marketing is reaching beyond $1.2 Billion, and nearly 45% of the customers prefer using it to keep in contact with the enterprises. Chatbots are also well known in the marketing business for handling the grievances and inquiries of customers in an efficient way. Estimates suggest that about 80% of the communication between the marketer and the customer will be done via chatbots in the near future. Thus, it will really be beneficial for business organizations to make use of the chatbot features as a part of their marketing strategies. The customers would always prefer to watch a video rather than read a whole long blog/post. In this way, Video Marketing can prove beneficial for use by marketers. Statistics suggest that a video given in an email has 200%-300% chances of being clicked by the customers.

Finally, all the ways and components of the various forms of Technology being talked about above are not expected to be implemented by each and every industry or company. The companies would need to incur heavy expenditure on the part of the installment and use of such technologies and even educate their employees to make the best use of it. Overall the use of various forms of Technology has proven to be really beneficial in 2020 and would continue to in the incoming years.

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