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File Name : yWriter

File Size : 7.4 MB

License : Free

Publisher : yWriter

Release Date : 09/12/2021

OS : Window, Mac, Linux

Details Of - yWriter

yWritter is a word processor and text editor which is focus on literary work. It is a free software for authors and also writers. It helps you keep track your work while leaving your mind free to create. You can easily completely customized any characteristic in the work. There is number of option such as usal tabs and report, serch, chapter, scane, locations, tools ets. It interface is very simple when your novel is complete and ordered as you like it,You can export the finished bookin a number of formats for reading and submit to the publishers. 


  • ● Add chapter in the project 
  • ● Novel can organize using a project. 
  • ● Show the display the word count for every file in the project.
  • ● Track your progress by saving your work daily. 
  • ● Android ,Mac and ios are compatible. 
  • ● Can assign multiple scenes toa chapter 
  • ● Reorder and rearrange scenes as your wish. 
  • ● Automatic chapter renumbering 

System Requirement 

  • Operating system: Windows 11/10/8/8.1

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