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File Name : ClockGen

File Size : 322 KB

License : Free

Publisher : CPUID

Release Date :

OS : Windows XP Professional Edition ,Home Edition , 64-bit Edition, Zver ,PC Edition , Starter Edition , Service Pack 1 ,Win 9x,ME,NT,2K ,XP ,2K3, SP2 , SP3 (32/64 bit), x86

Details Of - ClockGen

ClockGen Software Overview:

The ClockGen series hold a bunch of overclocking programs, with different versions that dedicated to one or several mainboards. A Clockgen software apathetically overclocks (changes the system clock) a
number of devices of the system: CPU, memory, AGP and PCI bus and give overclock monitoring and
processing function.


The EXTREME Overclocking moot are a space for user to learn. How to overclock and pinch their PC’s parts such as the CPU, memory (RAM), or video card. In order to reach the maximum performance out of
the process. There are a lots of consultation about the clockgen new processors, graphics cards, cooling products,
power supplies, cases, and so much more.The recently viewing boards as a “guest” which render limited

ClockGen Software

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ClockGen is a free of cost software and available for Windows, being part of the grade with subgrade.
Analysis & Optimization (more specifically Processor) and has been developed by CPUID.It is available
for all with the operating system Windows 98 and the latest former versions, and one can download it in English.

The recent version of the program is and the latest update on 6/2/2011. Adding this
program to catalog in 2011, it has managed to gain 172.952 downloads, and last week it earn and gain 132.
Download ClockGen is a categorically light program that doesn’t need as much storage then the average and total program in the category Software effectiveness. It is a software that is popularly used in United
States, China, and India.

How to Install:

ClockGen have no required to install. Extracting all the files in the similar folder and run ClockGen.exe. ClockGen retrieve the settings in a file named clockgen. It will gathered in the Windows folder for temporary files. To shift clockgen.ini from your system, run and Download ClockGen with the following parameter:

ClockGen.exe .ClockGen will display, in its main window that is available functions on the system depending on the process specifications. This “PLL Control” and “PLL Setup” options will show when

ClockGen detects a clock generator or creator on the system and for download System. To choose the clock generator (PLL) first
click on “PLL Setup”. Sometimes the clockgen alternative will accept the PLL model that the system is using (especially when the mainboard has a media chipset integrated). In this case it is Download ClockGen notcapable to choose it,
so you can skip or avoid to the “PLL Control” step.

ClockGen software download

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  • Requirements:
  • Windows and Mac OS
  • RAM 4GB
  • Core-I processor
  • Hard disk available 500GB
  • API support allowed
  • OS activated

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