Top Web App Development Trends

Web App Development Trends

With the changing and increasing demands of consumers, more advancements in technologies have become constant. Regular updates in web app development have given rise to offering the end user a much better user experience. Various new web app building updates are introduced and get lost in no time, but some of them are here to stay.

Over time, web app development trends are also changing. Entrepreneurs like you want to ensure that they adapt to the recent web app technologies to offer up-to-date solutions to their users. Additionally, adapting to these trends keeps you ahead of your competitors and helps you build a competitive web app.

This blog will discuss several popular web app development trends that are here to stay for a longer span of time. You can partner with a web development company to provide your users with the best and most recent trend experience. The adoption of these trends, however, depends on particular project needs and goals.

Web App Development Trends That are Here to Stay

Various new trends have come up recently. Let’s discuss top web app development trends among them in detail.

Progressive Web Apps

Installing a traditional app may be easy, but it will require a few steps at least. Many users prefer to reach out to a website than going to an app store. This is where Progressive Web Apps (PWA) solve the issue and thus have become a popular trend.

PWAs do not require app store navigation but instead can be downloaded directly from the website. When you hire web developers, they simply publish the app online and ensure it meets installation criteria.

Various popular companies have already adopted PWAs, including Starbucks, Pinterest, Uber, and many more. These web apps offer multiple benefits to users over traditional websites and web apps. These web apps are easier to install and often smaller, can work in many settings, etc.

It lets web developers combine the capabilities of mobile apps and websites to create a rich user experience that increases user engagement and conversion rates ultimately. These web apps comparatively have lower development costs, faster installation, and automatic updating features.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is the future of online search globally. You may have seen an option of searching through voice on various websites and apps you visit. Users now prefer searching via voice over typing, especially with the introduction of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri.

Statista predicts that the market for smart speakers will reach over 35.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Another study estimates that the voice recognition industry is expected to reach $27.16 billion by 2026.

Web Speech API lets web applications integrate voice search technology. The API features two components: Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis. With speech recognition, you can identify the context of your voice and respond to your query. Speech synthesis is the text-to-speech element that allows scripts to read text content.

You can enhance your users’ experience by incorporating voice search assistants and their optimization for voice search. Furthermore, you can increase voice search optimization by integrating long-tail keyword phrases in the content for a better ranking.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Another popular web app development trend is chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These bots offer a human-like experience to the users for solving consumers’ queries.

Many organizations serve their clients with these chatbots within WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook, rather than previous common chatbots. It is predicted that more organizations will accept AI-enabled chatbots in the coming years.

In addition to helping organizations speed up operations, these chatbots also improve the client experience. They gather information, fix issues, answer queries, and, overall, offer a smooth digital experience.

It helps businesses to be constantly available, even outside office hours. Therefore, entrepreneurs are adopting it to keep their users engaged and quickly resolve queries without them migrating to a competitor’s website. You can hire a web app development company to integrate this functionality into your website for 24/7 availability.

Push Notifications

When considering web app development trends, push notifications cannot be ignored. These are brief messages or clickable pop-ups that appear on the users’ websites, encouraging them to take some action while browsing.

It is one of the preferred features and powerful tools for PWAs to grab users’ attention and increase retention rates. Several internet giants, including Google and Facebook, have already adopted this trend in their web applications.

It has been predicted that these may replace common communication channels like emails. These can be integrated with online shopping sites, blogs, and other websites. Therefore, it is expected to flourish more as a trend in the coming years.

You can hire web developers or a development company to integrate push notifications functionality into your website for better and improved user engagement. They can offer you an up-to-date website.

Augmented Reality

The article on web app development trends is incomplete without mentioning Augmented Reality (AR). This functionality offers users a personalized and engaging experience of things in their own environment. This trend has influenced every possible field, including education, healthcare, games, etc.

Many eCommerce businesses are adopting this technology to enhance the user experience by creating virtual showrooms. All users thoroughly enjoy the entertainment value provided by AR.

Just in a century, AR has transitioned from being a dream to becoming a reality, so it won’t be long before AR is integrated into daily life to increase productivity. Therefore, this is a trend that is going to stay for a more extended period.

You may seek a web development company’s assistance in integrating such trends into your web app. They can help you offer a real-time experience to your audience.

Virtual Reality

The concept of virtual reality (VR) is the simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment using an electronic device. 

VR can also be used to enhance remote work through virtual meetings. As a result, VR has become a significant trend in web app development due to its ability to create the best user experience.

  • The use of virtual reality helps users visualize the products they are purchasing on websites.
  • VR devices like Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift are expected to revolutionize the tourism, architecture, and retail industries.

Therefore, hire a web app development company to offer the best user experience to your visitors.


The web app development trends discussed above will change the way businesses interact with their clients. You can integrate the above trends on your website and boost your business.

Using these technologies will enhance user engagement and help your business stay ahead of its competitors. However, it doesn’t mean you need to adopt all these trends for your web app development project. The adaptability of these technologies depends entirely on your project goals. You can partner with a reliable web app development company to help you make the right decision. They can also assist you in bringing these trends to life.

Therefore, if you have a web app, or you are planning to build a new one, you can consider these trends for your web app. A reputable web development company will have experience and up-to-date developers to offer you a market-ready web app with the latest technologies.

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