How To The Use And Free Download USB Shortcut VIRUS remover

File Name : USB Shortcut VIRUS remover

File Size : 10MB

License : Free

Publisher : USB Shortcut VIRUS remover

Release Date :

OS : Windows

Details Of - USB Shortcut VIRUS remover

Intruduction Of USB Shorcut virus Remover Download:

USB Shortcut VIRUS remover is a free program that intended to retreat the Shortcut virus from external storage devices, such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards and many more. The virus attack files stored on a flash drive by transforming every file type to Shortcut, but with this USB Shortcut VIRUS exterminator, ones drive can be regained to the way it was pre-virus. Not only it is active, it’s easy to use. Simply connect the transited drive to the computer, run the software and a new folder will be developed with all of one’s existing files.

Why To Use USB Shortcut VIRUS Remover : 

SB Drives, especially those which we used such on common computers such as in schools, Internet cafes, hotels etc, are very capable to contamination by viruses present on other users of the machine devices. One of the most common is the “shortcut virus” that creates many ineligible icons on ones USB device while hidden files that really matter; hindering or even preventing, the access to this. Shortcut virus always such develop the shortcut files, for example, Notepad, shortcut etc. So if anyone notices such shortcut files in one Computer or Pen drive then this is the sure notification that your computer or pen drive refers the stubborn Shortcut virus.

Its Features:

  • To clean, all people know USB Devices are important for preparing daily tasks, and there are more things to be infected.
  • UsbFix can control and manages to restore the registration features and also repairs security or the safety features. It makes the files in the USB Drive to protect and save against other infections that may occur to destroy in the future.
  • To backup, Incase UsbFix had erased the files that are almost damaged or destroyed it automatically give a backup in the C:\UsbFix\Quarantine, that gives users an easy option to get back the deleted files.
  • To prevention- UsbFix not such only clear the viruses and malware from a USB device .

How to Install This Program :

Closed captionsSettingsVolumeFullscreenHow to Install:

  • Step 1. Download UsbFix Software in a computer, one can download the software by only a clicking.
  • Step 2. Direct Install and restart the computer.
  • Step 3. Connect the USB Device which refers the shortcut or any other such obstinate virus and then run the Software.
  • Step 4. Then click direct to the clean button.
  • Step 5. After clicking on Clean button have to wait until it cleans the shortcut virus from ones USB Storage.

Requirements :

  • Device like PC 
  • Windows and MacOS
  • RAM 2-4GB
  • Core-I processor
  • Hard disk available 500-1000 GB
  • API support is allowed
  • Activation of OS

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