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Move Mouse download for windows pc, It is a mouse activity simulator application. It’s a magical useful software if you have move away from PC for some times the software will cause the mouse cursor to move automatically.It’s a lightweight software to help you to create simulate mouse activity.

move mouse download free

With this software, you can be run whatever you choose. The program will start anytime whose you can set scheduled to run. It is very easy to keep sessions active with this tool. This software can help you to handle the spamming notifications windows that come at an irregular rate. There are extra features that come with this program, you can customize your own scripts and use for events.

All Updates Feature Move Mouse :

  1. Fully Redesigned interface.
  2. Multiple blackout schedules can be created.
  3. Automatic start and pause schedules.
  4. Invoke your own automation using custom scripts.

Move Mouse download and installation :

  1. Click on the “Download “ button and get download link and download takes few moments.
  2. After downloading complete, just double click on the download file.
  3. You can get run a program in your download file, select and run it.
  4. Once you get the software installed, click on the icon in the Start menu to start the Move Mouse

How is it work?

move mouse free download

You can get different actions and stuff. So, there’s cute little mouse and you can specify the second interval. You have a static mouse pointer position so that you click track and then you can move it somewhere. Once it goes down to zero that’s the position. Then you will click the left mouse button and behavior. In the dashboard, you found action type and here you found many options like Left Click, Right Click, Double Click and more.

Suppose you select Left Click than open any kind of document like Calculator. Then you found “Get Mouse Position and Add Action” option and you add F6 on the box. Then select the Assign button. When you click the calculator by left click on the mouse it’s starting to count. Now click on the Start button and it’s will work automatically. You can change the repeat count number

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