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Everyday  we need a lot of information for any kinds of work.without proper information we can not do a single becomes painful and measurable without this .For this reason the importance of website is so much.but if you  visit any website  you can see a lots of information are there and   designed of website very well.if think your mind who designed and developing this website ofcourse first come to the mind a develope.a developer works so hard for his or other website for improving  and designing .the demand of any web developer any country is so much.they are asset for any country.In bangladesh there is a lot of web developer in our country .they work very hard and soul .Here are discussing some of the best web developers in our country. 

Metrodesk :  Metrodesk is a online freelancing industry .they provide service such as graphic design,logo design,web design,image making.the works with high quality and delivery in quick time for satisfaction to the customer. .this freelancing company situated dhaka,bangladesh 

Entracom: Entracom is an IT company .They provide service such as E-Commerce and software development,  website designing and is a dynamic and provide service to the clients high quality.They have a professional team for working. 

Dhaka solution: Dhaka solution is a web freelancing company .they provide service such as domain hosting,digital marketing.they work seo friendly your website and this help you can get your website in search engine like as google,yahoo ets 

Saucer web solutions :Saucer web solutions is a website designing company .it is situated in dhaka,bangladesh. They provide high quality web solutions  and service for satisfaction to the clients .They provide services such as web designing ,web application development,e-commerce,content management system,seo,forum ets.

Explore IT:Explore IT is an information technology company.they start their journey in 2010.they provide service such as website  developing,customized software,android app and web application. They also work with education institutes  and  business institutes .

IOVISION:IOVISION is a web designing and development company .they provide service such as website developing,web application,E-commerce  payment gateway,customization of joomla,wordpress,magento,ets .they have profattinal team member for work to ensure quality.

 Joomshaper :Joomshaper is a premium joomla and wordpress template service provider.They work what type of theme customer wanted  customer .They provide service more than 80000 clients worldwide 

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