ePrompter Download Free For Windows Full Version

File Name : ePrompter

File Size : 45 MB

License : Free

Publisher : Tiburon Technology

Release Date : 11/02/2009

OS : Windows, Vista

Details Of - ePrompter

ePrompter download consequently and at the same time checks and recovers your email messages from up to 16 watchword secured email accounts, for example, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, POP3, Earthlink, Excite, Juno,

GO, Gmail, Email.com, Mail.com, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, OneBox, Rediffmail, USA.net, and many other email areas.

Overview for ePrompter Download

ePrompter not just gives you a chance to form, forward, and answer to your recovered messages, yet additionally enables you to erase undesirable spam or suspicious-looking mail without launching your email program or going to your Web mail’s website. ePrompter warning highlights incorporate a novel turning plate symbol and a decision of five screensavers that let you know initially the number of new messages in each record, and in addition sound alarms for new messages. ePrompter likewise incorporates autodial for programmed message recovery.

Best Features of ePrompter Software

  • 1. Read and erase email without opening your email customer 
  • 2. Extraordinary Rotating Tray Icon indicates # of new messages in each record. 
  • 3. Decision of five screensavers that show # of new messages per account. 
  • 4. Autodial goes on the web and recovers messages at booked interims. 
  • 5. Decision of two sound cautions for email notice of new messages. 
  • 6. Discretionary secret key security for singular records. 
  • 7. Message headers or full messages accessible. 
  • 8. Erase messages while on the web or in autodial mode. 
  • 9. Isolate recovery interims for on the web and autodial modes. 
  • 10. The capacity to print messages. 
  • 11. The capacity to peruse hyperlinks. 
  • 12. The capacity to work with standard firewalls and intermediary servers. 
  • 13. The capacity to hold recovered messages when a PC is killed. 
  • 14. Lean establishment – Minimal PC prerequisites. 
  • 15. Simple download, setup and uninstall. 
  • 16. No close to home data required.

How to Install Step by Step

Ensure your PC meets the framework prerequisites of the program, amusement, or utility you are endeavoring to introduce. 

The manual or the readme record contains correct guidelines on the best way to introduce a program and are in indistinguishable registry from the establishment documents. 

When introducing a program, utility, or diversion, it is dependably a smart thought initially to close or cripple whatever other projects that are running. 

In the wake of introducing another program, in the event that it prompts you to reboot the PC, do it.

System Requirements

Processor Core 2 Duo (2 GHz), Athlon_64X2 (2,6 GHz) Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz memory 1066 MHz (or more: 1333 MHz) (multicore or multi-processor)

Operating system Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits (*) Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits (*)

Graphics card 2GB of memory with Open/GL 3.3 compatibility (Intel chipsets are not recommended) 4GB (or more) of memory with Open/GL 3.3 compatibility (Intel chipsets are not recommended)

Hard disk 250 MB (or more) disk space (*) 500 MB (or more) disk space

Screen 17″ Monitor – Minimum resolution 1280 x 1024 19″ or 24″ Monitor – Minimum resolution 1280×1024

RAM 4 GB DDR 8 – 16 GB DDR

Mouse Mouse wheel (or minimum 3 buttons mouse) Mouse wheel (or minimum 3 buttons mouse)

Software installation WEB access (Download) WEB access (Download)Additional software Installed and configured TCP/IP software (For license server use)

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