Norton AntiBot Download

File Name : Norton AntiBot Download

File Size : 10MB

License : Free

Publisher : Norton AntiBot Download

Release Date :

OS : All Device But not Android device

Details Of - Norton AntiBot Download

Introduction For Norton AntiBot:

One of the greatest dangers of the Norton AntiBot Internet is your PC being assumed control and utilized for an unlawful activity. For example This can occur without you monitoring it. Symantec has built For example up another application, Norton AntiBot, to ensure yourself against this hazard. It works just by sitting out of sight, looking for bot-like conduct, at that point halting the movement and expelling the program. There are no malware marks to download, and no day by day refreshes. Notwithstanding, in the event that you have another Norton item on your PC —, for example, Norton Antivirus — it will unite with that program while it is filtering. 

Why To Use This Norton AntiBot :

For example On the off chance that you utilize this, despite everything you’ll need to have the various antis on your Windows PC. What’s more, Symantec likewise says it will exist together cheerfully with antiware from different organizations. Obviously, bunches of PC clients stay away from Norton-marked security items in light of the fact that many are meddlesome, take up heaps of framework assets and can refreshes moderate even the quickest. Symantec has turned that around to some degree with items which is significantly lighter and remains out of your way. I’ve seen no execution hits on my Vista PC. The Task Manager demonstrates it’s utilizing an unimportant 2 MB of memory.  

Features In This AntiBot:

Actively and constantly screens your PC’s applications and procedures 24 X 7 so you’re constantly secured 

Thoroughly expels recognized bots and malware and their related parts, custom establishment records and registry settings 

Strengthens any security item by giving an extra layer of insurance against bots and other rising dangers 

About the download, Norton AntiBot is a smooth program

How to Install This AntiBot:

The introduce for the product was an easy decision, and the item accompanies a 365-day membership for definition refreshes much like Symantec’s other enemy of infection items. The Status tab inside the reassure enables the client to Start and Stop the product’s assurance. A status of the item is likewise demonstrated including the eshes quantity of malware things expelled, forms being observed and practices checked.

Requirements Device For This AntiBot:

  • Device like PC 
  • Windows and MacOS
  • RAM 2-4GB
  • Core-I processor
  • Hard disk available 500-1000 GB
  • Activation of OS

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