ChartNexus Download Software Using Free & Get for Windows

File Name : ChartNexus

File Size : 15 MB

License : Freeware

Publisher : chartNexus

Release Date : 11/05/2012

OS : Windows

Details Of - ChartNexus

ChartNexus download is consistent and simple. It will run naturally out of sight once the product is begun. You can spare your examination to the Workspace and haul out the refreshed graph with your investigation still on it. The execution outline highlight enables you to look at the execution of a gathering of lists or stocks.

Short overview of ChartNexus Software:

Behind each fruitful broker or speculator is a securities exchange outlining programming. We are bringing down your working expense as a dealer and financial specialist by offering you ChartNexus Charting (Stock Market Analysis) Software for FREE! Accompanies rundown of pointers, and 3-years EOD advertise information (refreshed every day). e.g AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, BSE, NSE, HKSE, HOSE, JSX, KLSE, SGX, SET, SSE, SZSE, TWSE, TWOTC, World Indices, and so on.


  • Single-click to navigate the chart.
  • More than 20 indicators to choose from and parameters are customizable.
  • Annotations and drawing tools to mark important points on the chart.
  • Portfolio manager to keep track of your trades
  • Spread calculator to easily calculate profits and losses
  • Save your chart as a picture or print it out from a printer

Stock data is integrated with the software and thus users do not have to source for their market data. The features are all within a few clicks of the mouse and the layout is very user friendly.

This software is for technical analysis traders, stock investors, market operators (qualified traders), financial analysts.

How to chartNexus Downloaad and Install:

1. Download the most recent gretl source bundle from 

2. Unfasten and untar the bundle. On a framework with the GNU utilities accessible, the summon would be tar – xvfz gretl-N.tar.gz (supplant N with the particular variant number of the record you downloaded at stage 1). 

3. Change catalog to the gretl source index made at stage 2 (e.g. gretl-1.1.5). 

4. The essential routine is at that point /arrange make 

make check 

make introduce

System Requirements

Supported formats include: possess XML information records; Comma Separated Values; Excel, Gnumeric and Open Document worksheets; Stata .dta documents; SPSS .sav documents; Eviews work files. JMulTi information documents; claim organize twofold databases (permitting blended information frequencies and arrangement lengths), RATS 4 databases and PC-Give databases. Incorporates an example US full scale database.

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