PlayStation Portable (PSP) 6.61 firmware download

File Name : PlayStation Portable

File Size : 15mb

License : Free

Publisher : Playlogic Entertainment

Release Date : 24/03/2005

OS : All Windows

Details Of - PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Portable Overview:

The playStation Portable 6.61 firmware system software update will complete some changes on a current operating system .It may subsume new or modified features and settings, security anywhere and other items. We recommend to check this page on a regular basis for software updates as it is the best option forthis system to use the latest version of the system software, that allow to favorable from all the features of aPSP. This is the latest PlayStation Portable Firmware that is the most popular Updated software. It’s suggested for all PSP users to upgrade to the latest version of this firmware.


PlayStation Portable (PSP) 6.61 firmware

The PlayStation Portable system software is the frame ware that is officially used By portable support. And the extra codecs for photos, audio, and video. PlayStation 3 connectivity, work against several security exploits, vulnerabilities, and execution of home brew programs and the battery will be at least 50% charged otherwise the system will ignore the update from installing. If the power supply is disconnected while writing to the system software. The console will no longer be capable to run unless. The system is booted in service mode or sent to for repair if necessary.


The current best version of the software, 6.61, was made and is available on January 15, 2015. It is a minor update which released more than after three year sand the release of the previous version 6.60 in 2011. Graphical Shell, Web Browser, Proxy server, play station, Play station home, Video game console, home console, Blue ray DVD. Tabbed browsing, out of memory, JavaScript, Version 2.70 of the PSP’s system software. Introduced the basic Flash, 3.1-3.6 version, Character Encoding etc.

How to Install:

PlayStation Portable (PSP) 6.61 firmware
  1. Step 1.Ready to save the updated data on Memory Stick Duo™ media, onecan use one of the following methods:
  2. Then direct connect the PSP® system to the PC thatis used the USB cable
  3. Connect a updated and available Memory Stick USB reader/writer to the PC
  4. Can be used the Memory Stick slot on the PC.
  5. Open a new folder for the update of data on Memory Stick Duo™ media.
  • Step 2.Using your PC, create a folder named “PSP”. Within the folder “PSP”, create a folder named “GAME”. Within the folder “GAME”, create a folder named “UPDATE”. (Folder names must be in all uppercase letters). 

  • Step 3.Download and install the update data for the PSP-1000/2000/3000 series and collect by saving it in the “UPDATE” folder complete in step 2.

    One must save the downloaded data as mentioned and noted in these rules or instructions. If one do not save in the right location and with the correct filename shown below, the system will unknown and cannot recognize the update data.
    Location is Save in the “UPDATE” folder and the
    Filename will Save as “EBOOT.PBP”


  • Windows and MacOS
  • RAM 4GB
  • Core-I processor
  • Hard disk available 500GB
  • API support allowed
  • OS activated

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